Leak repairs usually require removal over the leak area down to the plywood in order to find the source. We don't do band-aid patches but actually find where the leak has started. Then we re-install that area with new underlayment and flashings or metal if necessary and reinstall the roof material.


The replacement of the roof on your home is one of the largest investments you will make to protect your belongings in most peoples' lifetime. This process might have been a miserable experience for many, but we do everything in our power to make the inconvenience as painless and positive experience as possible, so all of our customers are satisfied. The following are some, but not all of the procedures we follow to make sure that happens.


At Master Maintenance Company we care of your house look even during construction period, so our policy is to remove all of the debris from your roof and premises daily, and the equipment will be removed daily to give you full access every night. We will try to give you the feeling that we have never been there. It will be necessary to install a dry-in felt over night, but all debris and large equipment will be removed daily.

Deck replacement

At Master Maintenance Company we understand that when your roof is replaced, you have to place your trust in us to provide you with the best roof replacement possible. While it is important that we do not cover any deteriorated or unsecured decking, it is not always possible for you to be there and personally see the work that is done. It is also important to know that we are not charging you for work that was not done. Our crew leaders take digital pictures before and after so you can verify any and all work that was done.


The most common shingle underlayment that has been used in North America for the last 100 years is 15 or 30 pound asphalt felt. These products have performed well when properly secured according to current construction codes. At Master Maintenance Company we understand that Southern Louisiana stands in the hurricanes affected area, so we install the #30 felt according to the high wind standards for two-three story buildings, and #15 for one story houses.


At Master Maintenance Company we never ask for a down payment on contract jobs. We want to make sure that you are happy with the work before we ask you to pay the bill. If you purchase an extremely expensive roof we may have to ask for weekly draws, but most residential roofs can be completed in less than a week. Our procedure is to ask the home owner to walk around the house, and inspect the roof and the premises. Once they are completely satisfied with the work they pay the bill.

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